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Our expedition to climb Carstensz Pyramid (4.884M) as one of the world's seven summit in West Papua, Indonesia. To join our private expedition by helicopter

Why helicopter travel? We choose to use helicopters for our current expeditions because we see this as the best chance to provide a successful expedition while meeting the logistical challenges of traveling in West Papua. 

Trips into basecamp near much reliance on local Dani Tribesman, and helicopter transport in general reduces the number of variables in reaching our destination. Additionally, local politics, staying healthy while trekking, and the extremely limited ability to provide emergency assistance on the trek makes helicopter use the best option.


never ending footsteps


This highest peak in Oceania – Carstensz Pyramid (16.023 feet/ 4884m) one of the most exotic world’s famous SEVEN SUMMITS the most spectacular adventures in Irian Jaya, climbing the glacier covered Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid located in the Mount Lorenz Reserve National Park. Trekking to the Carstensz Pyramid is one of the most beautiful treks Papua can offer.  

Although it is demanding the things you’ll see and experience on the way, are wonderful and absolutely unique. It begins at the height of 2000 m in an area of mountainous rain forest. You wade through rivers, climb over logs and primitive bridges, and then the biotope changes into a short belt of misty forests, which opens to the Kembalo Plato that is situated at 3500 m. 


Here, the endless forest of the giant tree ferns begins. This forest reaches all the way to the Snow Mountains, where the giant mountains begin. The massive of the Carstensz Pyramid towers over the Kembalo Plato with super elevation of 1500 m. The route to the New Zealand Pass is an alpine experience. Then you climb to the height of 4500 m. The short trek, between the mountains resembling the world’s most beautiful mountain parks, is concluded by a descent to the Maren's Valley. 

Our Base Camp is situated on the foothill of the Carstensz Pyramid in this valley. At this place you are at the height 4200 m, and even here it snows in the morning. 


The Carstensz Summit climb was exciting. It was a mixture of free – climbing, jumaring and scrambling with moderate difficulty, 5.8 for short steps, but most of the climbing is scrambling. The rock is extremely good, rarely loose, and always provides good friction even in wet weather, and it is very abrasive so it necessary to wear gloves while climbing. 

It is important that you have basic rock climbing and are comfortable with rappelling and jumaring From BC you can see Carstensz Summit, Jaya Summit (Ngapulu) and East Carstensz. Summit attack is usually starting on 3 or 4 o clock in the morning. The normal climbing duration for summit take around 10 – 12 hours, from BC and return to BC. This is depending on your rock climbing skill and weather condition.